Woning kopen zonder stress? Lees de tips van Baar Advies
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Woning kopen zonder stress?

Woning kopen zonder stress

Woning kopen zonder stress?


Buying a house without stress?

Maybe you use the summer vacation to look for your dream home. When you find this, you suddenly have to make many decisions in a short time in order to close the sale. The stress can then hit you because you decide on relatively large amounts for a longer period. With our messages we would like to inform you about current issues that you may need to take into account.

The Netherlands from the gas: three alternatives

Over the next twelve years, the energy tax for gas must rise by 75 percent. This increase applies to private individuals, companies and housing corporations. In this way, the participants in the Climate Table, under the leadership of Diederik Samson, want to ensure that the Netherlands quickly gets rid of the natural gas. In order to motivate people extra, the tax on electricity has to be reduced from 10.5 cents to 6.5 cents. Due to a higher gas load and lower current load, it is more interesting to get rid of the gas and to use more electrical equipment. This can be done in different ways …

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Never before has a home been so expensive

Your own home has never been so expensive in our country. Research by the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Land Registry shows that the prices of existing owner-occupied houses reached the highest level ever …

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You create local profiling together with a full service formula

Financial advisory firms with a mortgage specialism increasingly have the need to promote this locally. If you are profiling yourself as a mortgage office, then your core activity is clear and you will immediately contact (future) home owners. But if your mortgages are not your core business, you also want to make known that customers can turn to you for advice on a mortgage. The question is: how do you handle that? Mieke Jager explains …

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FEB Broker: ‘Make structural inspection mandatory for mortgage’

FEB Broker urges banks to make the building inspection compulsory with a mortgage. According to the trade association for brokers, landlords and appraisers, compulsory testing must better protect buyers in an overheated market. VBO also calls for quality requirements for architectural inspectors.

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Unlike you, we are busy with mortgages on a daily basis

You are probably encouraged to read this message by heading: Buying a house without stress because that’s what you want. Buying a house with the feeling that you have made the right choices in terms of financing.


Patrick Brands


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Patrick Brands
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